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She’s Back!!! New sighting of the Waterston Ghost

Pembrokeshire Beyond receives new report of Pembrokeshires most famous ghostly resident

Location: Waterston ( Between Neyland and Hakin)  

Chronicled by G L Davies ( Contact at



The Waterston lady is perhaps the most enigmatic and consistent paranormal sighting in the County of Pembrokeshire.

For decades the figure of a woman has been seen to haunt the quiet stretch of road that is the Waterston road leading from LLanstadwell. The road is flanked by woods and fields and is just a normal Pembrokeshire side road for all intensive purposes. Or is it?

Does a ghostly old lady haunt this area?

Does a ghostly old lady haunt this area?

Pembrokeshire Beyond received a new sighting of what appears as a transparent and glowing old woman. One driver, who drove the road, on Saturday 18th April had his own startling encounter, He has asked to remain anonymous but was happy for Pembrokeshire Beyond to publish his account.

” I was driving from a friends in Neyland on Saturday night, it was late, not far off midnight and I took the back roads to get back to Hakin. I have driven the road many times and I have heard the reports of something eerie on that road. To be honest I never really thought about it. This night I was driving up the road and a bit up ahead I could see a blue glow. I slowed down in case it was the Police, maybe there had been an accident. As I got to the area, there was what looked like an old lady, in a weird old wedding dress type of thing. Around her was a blue glow. I felt so scared. I Just got (drove) out of there. I was so freaked out. I looked in the rear mirror and it was gone. No light, no woman, nothing. I have been hearing so much about ghosts on the side of the road these days that its becoming difficult to drive at night now in case I see one.”

What the Gentleman has seen is not uncommon, G L Davies, new owner of Pembrokeshire Beyond and founder of had this to say.

“The Waterston Ghost is a classic case. It has all the elements of a great haunting. She has been seen for decades. The reports are always similar, she is seen bathed in a blue light, sometimes surrounded by blue orb like effects. She is seen to be very old and in an old tattered dress. The wedding dress style that the gentleman reported maybe be a clue to the time period she is from. There is one trend though that has been documented and that is the day and the time. The majority of sightings of the Waterston Woman occur on a Saturday between 10 and midnight. Its not to say she will not appear at other times but that seems to be the most common. The road from Black bridge to Waterston has also had reports of a ghostly carriage and horses over the years. They are said to just disappear. There were reports of people who were lamping for Rabbits in the past that have had a terrible time in the area with unnerving presences, dogs behaving peculiarly, massive temperature drops and emotional discord. I am currently looking through the archives for more information. I am also looking into the identity of who the lady may be. It is fascinating.”

He continued ” Pembrokeshire Beyond now have a brand new team with great knowledge, skill and passion for the subject. We shall explore this case in great detail and ask for anyone with information out there to please contact us. Every detail may be relevant or important. Message us through our Facebook page or email”


Watesrton Ghost

Will you see a ghostly old lady on The Waterston road?

Another sighting was similar but the woman was said to be holding a bundle in her arms and a great melancholy was said to accompany the sighting. Is it perhaps a baby she holds in her ghostly arms? Are the two sighting the same woman? Could there be more than one spirit on this road?

Pembrokeshire Beyond have been exceptionally busy as of late with thorough investigations in place with the numerous roadside hauntings in Pembrokeshire as well as other hauntings. It is a great time to be interested in the Paranormal

Pembrokeshire Beyond asks ALL drivers to be Vigilant and to keep safe.

Here are some more roadside hauntings that Pembrokeshire Beyond reported for your perusal. Pembrokeshire Beyond is PROUD to serve the paranormal community of Pembrokeshire and visit us regularly for breaking news, exclusives and updates on existing paranormal activity. OUR reports have made regional and national news. So many of the reports you see locally begin at the Pembrokeshire Beyond or Paranormal Chronicles office. Enjoy the article below and add us on Facebook as over 5000 of you already have:

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  1. Andy Taylor
    April 20, 2015

    As I said the Waterston road from Milford from just passing Venn Garage on the left hand side, up to just short of the industrial estate at Waterstone can be very strange at times, there is one particular detached house of an early 20th century design, with bay windows that stand alone on this section that never failed to grab my attention, day, or night 😉

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