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On this page you will find in-depth discussion on intriguing paranormal subjects. Listen today…if you dare!

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G L Davies author of the #1 bestselling and controversial true haunting  THE VIOLATION talks in-depth about the chilling and traumatic haunting to Christina George on the Paranormal Connections radio show. Click on the image below for a fascinating yet very adult themed discussion. A must for all interested in the  Incubus phenomena.

paranormal connections presents The Violation author G L Davies discussing at length the Incubus/ Paranormal assault phenomena with Paraversal Universe Radio hosts Kevin Malek and Jennifer Scelsi. Raw and in-depth the 2 hour broadcast covers the subject in detail, along with what should you do to protect yourself? Who can help you? What do the experts have to say? Click now on the Show link below (Scroll down on the archive page and the show is Listed for MAY 8TH)

Click now to listen to the 2 hour discussion on Paranormal sex

NEW: Coast to coast AM.  Filling in for George, Dave Schrader  welcomes paranormal researcher Gavin Lee Davies, who’ll discuss an aggressive haunting in a small Welsh town in which a tormented young couple fought to keep their home and their lives together after a terrifying and ferocious entity attack. Aired June 5th 2015

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The #1 Bestselling true haunting A most haunted house by G L Davies is now available as an Audio book. Click the link below and listen to the chilling true account of a haunting that tears a young couples life apart. Available on I-tunes and Audible. Click on the cover below now to Listen….if you dare!

AMHR audio book cover

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