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Family terrified on Pembs Road!!

Did family see a ghost at Clay lane?

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The Pembrokeshire paranormal hardcore faithful are well aware of the many supernatural sightings at Clay lane. The road connecting Haverfordwest and Merlin’s bridge  has been featured extensively on the Pembrokeshire Beyond and The Paranormal Chronicles website. So infamous is the road for its multitude of metaphysical mysteries that it featured in the Pembrokeshire Beyond inaugural Pembrokeshire haunted road trip.

Pembrokeshire Beyond received a message from a family claiming while holidaying in the county during the weekend of the 23rd May 2015  that they witnessed an unusual and chilling experience. Mr Taylor from Sussex contacted Pembrokeshire Beyond after researching his sighting and saw that we had covered the road in depth with several articles.

Did a family see a tall blurry apparition on this road?

Did a family see a tall blurry apparition on this road?

This is the email we received and we are very grateful to Mr Taylor for allowing us to publish it.

“We have visited Pembrokeshire many times over the years. Pembrokeshire is one of our favorite destinations and we have family in Saundersfoot whom we stay with. I am very familiar with the the area but I had not visited Haverfordwest castle. My wife and two daughters enjoyed our trip to Haverfordwest very much and we took the road (Clay lane) out of Haverfordwest to get to the Pembroke Road to continue our trip. It was not late at all, maybe 8 p.m. It was on the road that we traveled up a steep hill and down onto a country road. On our right was a field with what appeared to be a ruined church which upon research was was an old house (Haroldston house). I was tempted to get out and grab a picture of the ruin when my Wife shouted to slow down and in the road was the figure of a person. I  stopped and my wife and two children watched a blurry figure walk from the middle of the road and disappear into a gap into the hedge (left to the right). The figure was very tall and was definitely in front of us. There was no discernible features just the blurry outline of a very tall figure (Over 6 foot maybe taller). You could see the arms swinging as it walked. It was not dirt on the windscreen or shadows cast by the trees or an ordinary person just crossing the road. There was an actual shadowy object crossing the road. It was very unsettling and my children particularly the youngest was very upset by the sighting. I am not one for the paranormal but to see something like this in the daylight with my family has obviously opened my mind to such things. I am ashamed to admit that I did not get out of the car to see where it had gone and the incident happened so quickly that I did not get a photograph. The children were upset so we drove off. I spoke to my relatives and they were not aware of any hauntings in Haverfordwest and it was not until we returned home that I read your articles. I found the episode to be quite frightening and would like to inform you that I am of sound mine as I send my sighting to you and not one to dupe you or your investigators”

Was it here that the family saw a 6 foot tall apparition?

Was it here that the family saw a 6 foot tall apparition?

Is clay the most haunted road in Pembrokeshire? G L Davies founder of the Paranormal Chronicles and owner of Pembrokeshire Beyond since 2015 commented on the sighting, “The account had some great detail for us to follow up on. It is always difficult in this field of study to know how accurate the testimonials are and the motives behind such reports but one thing is apparent and that Clay lane has a plethora of activity. We shall continue investigating and hopefully have some answers or evidence soon.”

Clay lane has been the location of many such strange sightings and is a place of continued investigation by Pembrokeshire Beyond and other paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. 7 such accounts of paranormal activity have been recorded on the road. Here are links for in depth coverage of the Clay lane hauntings.

It is not just Clay lanes experiencing such sightings. We are still receiving reports from on the Haverfordwest to Milford haven road haunting. Once again we ask drivers to remain vigilant, to drive safe and if you see anything on your travels to please contact us at or message us on the Pembrokeshire Beyond Facebook page.

Keep safe Pembrokeshire and make sure you check your back seat when you get home tonight. You never know who may be sat there…

Is this the most haunted house in Pembrokeshire?

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7 comments on “Family terrified on Pembs Road!!

  1. pam
    June 5, 2015

    another road thats spooky is rhoose ferry road in burton i had something get in my car on several occasions just by williamston house

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for this Pam! What a terrifying account! Do you know what it may be? We will look into the archive to see if anything else has been reported there. Thank you again for your time and support. Keep Safe


      • pam
        June 11, 2015

        williamston manor is supposedly haunted and is on rhoose ferry road the lady of the manor was scarred in an accident and was said to walk the back lane which runs alongside rhoose ferry road

        Liked by 1 person

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