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Ghosts cause panic at St Govans

Did ghostly children try and lead couple to their doom?

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Most of our readers have the luxury of enjoying our reports from the comfort and safety of their own homes, however one thrill seeking couple may have had a paranormal encounter that could have caused them profound injury or even death. It is a night that they will not forget.

St Govans

St Govans

“We decided it would be a fantastic location to drive down to and get some cool pictures of the storm. We were surprised that we could get to the chapel. We expected it to be closed due to the weather conditions. We got there and it was around nine in the evening. It was rough as you like and pretty treacherous. The clouds were speeding past the moon which gave the place a fantastic look. We ventured down to the chapel and took some pics. It was when we headed up, we cant have been there more than ten minutes, that we heard a scream. My partner said it might be the wind or a bird but then we heard it again but this time much closer. We took action and headed up the steps back to the car park to see if there was anyone there. We heard the scream again from our right towards the old military barracks and we headed over.The couple that have asked to remain anonymous, were at the stunning and ancient location of St Govans, Pembrokeshire. They hoped to capture stunning footage and photographs of the tail end of Hurricane Bertha. Bertha was smashing it’s way into the south of wales on the weekend of the 9th and 10th August. They claim that while on the wind battered cliffs they heard children screaming and saw several strange lights and believed that someone was in need of assistance. After nearly twenty minutes of perusing the “children” they were led to a cave while the sea was dangerously close and violent.This is the account as reported to the Paranormal Chronicles by the Gentleman witness.

It was so windy and the light was not so good and we had to hold onto each other just to walk at times. A little a head of us we saw a white light, really briefly and the sound of a scream. We passed the barracks and headed left through the gorse and it was less sheltered from the wind there. We could have sworn we heard what sounded like children running and laughing around us. We thought maybe this was a joke, maybe some holiday makers kids playing tricks on us, it is so isolated down there. We heard the scream and a gleam of light ahead of us. There is a small cove down there and the sea was crashing onto the rocks.

There is a cave to the right hand side and a quick flash of light, more, like a white glow to be honest, came from there. I will admit it was a stupid thing to make my way to the cave but we were convinced that there was someone in distress in there. As I approached the cave, I clearly heard a high pitched shout or scream from in there and as I headed in I thought I heard a kid crying and sobbing like. The cave was a dead end and the sea was nearly up to my waist. I felt around under the water half expecting to find someone but there was nothing. I stayed as long as I could with my pocket torch but thought this is crazy, i’m going to die in here. I headed back and I did think I would not make it as the waves crashed at the entrance of the cave.

The cove at St Govans where the alledged incident took place

I got back to the top of the Cove and my partner and I debated calling the coast guard but there was nothing there. I was so shaken up. It might have been the wind howling that made us think it was someone but we both saw the lights. We walked back to the car and there was no incidents on the way back. I was cold and wet and confused and so tempted to call the police because what if there was someone out there in danger. I did some research and came across your website and thought I would get in touch as you had written about the area before.”

Does this Cave at St Govans house the spirits of betrayed children?

We were delighted that they contacted us and relived that they were unharmed. We had investigated some of the Myths and Legends at St Govans but this was something we had not heard of before. Ghost lights are common on the cliffs of Pembrokeshire from the days of old when smuggling was common practice but this was something new. We spoke to a retired teacher who has a penchant for History and whom often advises us here at Pembrokeshire Beyond on the validity of the evidence we present in relation to times, places and facts of our accounts.

He is and always will be skeptical on the subject of the paranormal but his archive of information is a godsend. He said the only thing he could think of that could link to Children at St Govans was back in the day when Govan himself was having on going issues with Pirates. The legend is that Poor Govan had problems with the Pirates when they stole his prized silver bell, quite a prize for the scoundrels of the sea. Again Govan felt ashamed at his incompetence and he prayed with all his will and might that God help him and help he received. Angels were said to have appeared and recovered the bell and the bell was placed inside a rock for safe keeping. Govan would then tap the rock and a note a thousand times that of an ordinary bell would be heard. Now our source says the story did not end there as the pirates were so infuriated with Govan that they kidnapped some of the children from the local Bosheston Parish and chained them up in a cave near the chapel having given Govan the ultimatum of handing over the bell in return for the children. It was an impossible trade due to the bell no longer taking a physical form and it is said that the chained children drowned. The pirates were stubborn in their resolve in their ongoing feud with Govan and the children paid with their lives.

Could it be that the children’s souls still wander the cliffs and coves of St Govan’s? Perhaps they feel betrayed and jilted by the negligence of Govan and the village elders for allowing them to suffer a cold and terrifying manacled extermination at the hands of the ruthless and greedy pirates. Do they haunt the cliff side looking to exact revenge on the unsuspecting?

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